My name is Luca Sbardella and I'm a passionate tech lead working on quantitative trading, machine-learning and real-time applications. Over the last twenty plus years I have worked as

  • Research assistant at Imperial College
  • Quantitative analyst/trader at major investment banks and hedge funds
  • Software consulant via quantmind
  • CTO at Fintech & crypto start-ups/scale-ups
  • Head algo sport trading

On a daily basis

  • I live in East Dulwich, London, but originally from Italy
  • I write code in Python, Rust & Typescript
  • I follow tech/economical/financial/sport/political developments daily
  • I do lots of open source work
  • Perfection my wine testing skills from WSET level 3 qualification

In terms of qualifications, I have

  • PhD in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) from Imperial College London
  • Laurea in Aeronautical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino

If you want to get in contact, please do so.